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We Address Sophisticated and Brave Women

Kerry Borg, who is happy to reflect her interest in fashion in her designs, highlights luxury with raw woven silk fabrics and Swarovski brooches in her non-repeatable designs.

Originally a British citizen, Kerry Borg was born in Izmir in 1977. After graduating from Izmir Saint Joseph French High School, she graduated from Ege University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Public Relations and Advertising. She worked in advertising agencies shortly after graduating. She has been working in family companies since 2002. Kerry Borg, who is professionally involved in athletics and pilates and has also been a consultant on this subject for a while, has reflected her passion for fashion, which she has felt since her childhood, to her brand, which she founded with her own unique designs. Let's listen to the establishment story and details of the brand from him.

What were the strongest reasons that led you to design?

fashion world; fabrics, textures, colors, patterns, forms, the creation process and the realization of my designs... All of these were my indispensable, passion and eternal dream. In my childhood, I used to spend hours in the streets of Alsancak, the district where I grew up in the first light of the morning, wandering around the shop windows, examining the clothes, and imagining myself in them for a long time. The house I was born in, the land I grew up in, the geography have always inspired me. As I got older, I started changing the clothes I bought with my own unique touches. This process continued over the years. The pleasure of this creation was indescribable. Every piece I designed was invaluable to me. Now, thanks to fashion, I found a way to express myself. The awareness of my mother's death in 2019, along with what life has presented to me so far, along with what I've been through, spurred my desire to realize my dream that I had postponed for years. That little boy who dreamed of himself in clothes in the mirror of the shop window set out to make his dreams come true... Now I am where I want to be, in 'Kerry's Showcase'. It is a great pleasure for me to present the 'Kerry Borg' brand, which I created with the same devotion, to the fashion world, on the 99th anniversary of the establishment of Borg Jewelry, which has been known for its stylish and special designs since 1922.

How would you summarize your design line?

Although I prefer sports and comfortable clothes in daily life, I think I have a special line with my choices. Silhouettes that show strong stance and elegance, and feminine lines beyond trends are my favourites.

Well, can you tell us about your first collection? What is the theme of the collection?

In this first collection, named after my mother Aude, I brought together elements that would bring the feeling of naturalness and luxury together. There are flowing silk dresses, hand-embroidered and embroidered denim fabrics, ruffled trousers, raw woven silk shorts, hand-painted skirts, French lace shirts, silk jumpsuits decorated with Swarovski brooches, cotton jackets, mesh coats, hand-knit leather dresses, handmade buttons. In short, I designed that original showcase, which can be worn both day and night with creative and luxurious touches, for romantic, sophisticated, strong and brave women.

What would you say about the features that make your brand different from other brands in the similar line?

The most important feature of the Kerry Borg brand is that the designs are produced in limited numbers. In fact, in this age of freedom to buy many brands at affordable prices, the concept I have adopted is quite ambitious. Maybe being able to reach many luxury brands that were once inaccessible made me want to produce in special and limited numbers. I appealed to a special group in every aspect of my life. Even when I was giving Pilates lessons, I always worked individually. Maybe everything that is less and concise is valuable to me. I think that everyone who prefers to be original with their dressing style will get a different pleasure from knowing that every piece they buy is limited in number.

In which stores and channels can your brand be reached?

It will be possible to reach my original designs on our website. In the first stage, it will not operate as a classical e-commerce site and will become a special virtual store where one-to-one communication with the customer is targeted. In the future, maybe I can take part in a showroom, maybe in very special stores. In addition, products can be requested on Instagram.

Well, finally, would you like to talk about your distant or near-term plans?

I realized my designs independently of all fashion trends, trends and even the usual sales styles. I can say that I have fulfilled half of my dreams. However, my next dream is to introduce the Kerry Borg brand abroad with the same concept. The characteristic of our age, the luxury of being able to access everything at any time, will perhaps reach the saturation point and the original and the special will be preferred. In this case, it is inevitable to have distinctive features in order to be preferred. I chose perhaps the most difficult method when setting out on this path, but despite everything, I am very happy to have reflected my personality and lifestyle.


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