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The Colorful World Of
Kerry Borg


Fashion designer from Izmir, Kerry Borg,reflects her passion for fashion in her designs with her brand. Aiming to make you feel special with the motto #Youarespecial, the designer puts comfortable, luxurious fabrics and unique patterns at the center of the design.

White Dreams Koleksiyonu

Diamond Jumpsuit

The overalls, designed to honor the female body, have an invaluable appearance with its fabric decorated with stone embroideries.

Back to Black Koleksiyonu

Silk Blouse / Hand Painted Skirt

The hand-painted brocade skirt gives an artistic stance. The blouse, which gives the feeling of a second skin with the lightness of silk organza, integrates with the skirt with the fact that the skirt is longer than the mini length and reveals a game of perception.

Depth of Blue Koleksiyonu

Hand Embroidered Mesh Denim

The harmonious combination of timeless fabric denim and mesh reveals a sporty-elegant style.

Thw Magic of Read Koleksiyonu

Paris Dress

Crafted with silk and crepe, the dress is an all-time piece that strongly evokes a sense of luxury.

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