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Rose Journey

Rose Journey

It is stated that the age of the rose, which is older than the history of humanity, goes up to 200 million years ago. Researches show that there are more than 45 thousand cultivated and hybrid varieties as well as 200 natural varieties of the elegant flower of the Rosaceae family. In addition, the rose, which is in the cultural background of human history in terms of religion, literature and art, has a rich area compared to other flowers. The essence of the word; The rose, which fascinates itself with everything, deserves to be referred to as the "Queen of Flowers". For this reason, I often prefer the rose, which contains meanings such as love, innocence, loyalty, perfection, love, light, life, heaven, joy, grace, abundance, in my designs. Especially its place in mythological stories and its value in different belief systems impress me.

Symbol of Being Special

Rose, which has succeeded in positioning itself in a special place in every field of description; It has infiltrated our lives with its cream, oil, water, perfume and heart-warming scent. It leaves traces in our lives not only on the hand of the lover, but also on the motif on our jacket, on the fabrics we design or in the bridal flower. As a fashion designer, it is never a coincidence that I design clothes with rose motifs with great pleasure. Rose is a symbol of silence, privacy, secrecy and being special as much as love.

Fragrant Meeting

The flower, which is also interpreted as "opening the heart's eye" in some sources, is in a sense from the outside to the inside; It also symbolizes gradual self-transcendence, development, transformation and maturation from the surface to the deep. Fragmented petals in sepals also symbolize the fragmentary stories of our lives. That's why I especially love using rose motifs in my designs. I always feel your presence as an inspiration in my creative adventure. Starting to design an outfit with a rose symbol is like a fragrant meeting moment...

Hand Painted Roses

A work of art emerges when rose patterns, which have become an inseparable part of fashion, meet with the appeal of the color red, which evokes love and romance. The fact that the rose takes the stage with a hand-painted drawing in a limited number of specially designed clothes turns into a great source of joy for me. This is such a resource that it constantly feeds my creative side with its efficiency. Since rose fashion is timeless just like denims, it reveals its own style when naively embroidered on all clothes. The difference created by the rose pattern will immediately draw attention, whether it is for clothes designed for daily or for a special day. These patterns are a nice alternative to spice up your outfit. Have it in mind.

With my deepest love and respect…

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