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Each Piece Becomes a Work of Art

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Each Piece Becomes a Work of Art

While the concept of fashion builds a bridge between the past and the present, it also directs the future. His change is continuous and carries traces of the period in which he lived. Therefore, imagination alone will not be enough to design clothes. Because if it is not known how to develop the creative side, it will become dull over time. Therefore, the fashion designer should consciously own his creativity; should aim to go beyond the time in which he lived so that original designs emerge. Let the story of the design be written.

Fashion designer

All branches of art are a harmonious structure blended with the richness of differences. Designing clothes is a part of this art… Therefore, the fashion designer is responsible for both the product he designs and the world where he will market the product. People who have strong mental activities, who research, who combine the courage and ability to create with science, art and literature, and who create a unique language for this, should be fashion designers. Because only every piece designed by designers with this point of view turns into a work of art.

Art of Design

These designs, which combine emotion and thought, reality and imagination, the ordinary and the extraordinary, turn into an original and remarkable outfit thanks to the designer's mastery of combining different components. The resulting pieces are beautiful as well as expressing a special meaning as a masterpiece. Of course, this should not be taken to mean that every piece of fashion we wear on us tastes like a work of art. In the fashion line, which accelerates its growth by gaining a completely different dimension while responding to developing technology and changing needs, choosing to make personalized limited-edition designs is actually leaving your soul in the hands of art.

New Market Model

It is obvious that fashion has come a long way with designers who are conscious owners and implementers of artistic aesthetics. For this reason, there is a bond between art and fashion far beyond concepts such as drawing, color, paint and mold. Moreover, the perfect fit has begun to allow the creation of an entirely new market for stylish and unique high-fashion clothing items. Fashion designers combine hand-painted prints with fabrics such as silk, wool and cashmere to create a personalized work of art. Brands are transforming the fashion industry by creating products that not only look great but also stand out from their contemporaries. In order to achieve the meeting of the traditional and the modern world, the designers bring together hand-painted pieces and fabric and put their signatures on the original clothes they create. Examinations, experiences, and all the emotional ups and downs beyond dreams contribute to the creation process, while providing the designer with the opportunity to tell his own story.

And the essence of the word; Some of us get better by writing, some of us by reading, drawing and designing. Sometimes we pass through time, sometimes time passes through us.

With my deepest love and respect…

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