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The blouse and hand-painted brocade skirt completed with handmade buttons add an artistic stance to the Kerry Borg Collection, which is created with unique pieces. The blouse, which gives the feeling of a second skin with the lightness of silk organza, integrates with the skirt with the fact that the skirt is longer than the mini-length and reveals a game of perception. The A-line cut and mini length of the skirt refer to the 60's style, while the special zipper attached to it adds a modern effect to the overall look. The rose-patterned brocade skirt, which stands out with its hand-painting, also gains a unique and artistic value, creates opportunities for those who want to create their style with unique and personalized pieces

Silk Shirt-Hand Painted Skirt

  • Shirt

    Fabric: Silk/ Organza

    Size:38- 90 cm


    Fabric: Brocade / Hand Painted

    Size: 38 - 37 cm

    *Only Dry Cleaning Should Be Done.

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