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Return and Exchange Policy

Dear Customer;

The return policies are summarized under a separate heading in order to provide you, our valued customers, with easier access to the return and exchange procedure.

Our exchange and return policies in this text and all other transactions related to the sales agreement are written down in the distance sales agreement located at can find detailed information on legal matters in the distance sales contract through

Since our company adopts unconditional customer satisfaction, every product you receive is under the guarantee of our company. The products you have purchased comply with the quality standards of our brand. Our products, which are specially made according to your measurements and your request, are manufactured under the quality standards of our brand with great care in the time allotted only for you.

We deliver the products to the cargo company with a high level of care and packaging in accordance with this care. However, some damages in the products that are not caused by our company and due to various reasons during the cargo shipment may occur in the entire transportation sector.Do open and check the packages that you think may be damaged during the shipment in the presence of the company representative. Should there be any damage to the product, do not accept the delivery of the product by attaching a report of damage to the carrier company. Please note that after the delivery of the product, you accept that the cargo company has fulfilled its duties.


Dear Customer, please acknowledge that we make our products based on your measurements and sizes. Our products are produced with great care with first class  workmanship and material quality. However, if a defective product has been sent to you for a reason caused by us, only these products can be exchanged and returned. Due to reasons caused by light reflection, they may differ between the images on web site and the product.Therefore, returns and exchanges are only possible for products that have been manufactured by us as defective and which are also deemed to be defective by us. Returns and exchanges are only possible for heavily defective products which are accepted by us. Thus, it is obligatory to notify the seller of the defective product for which the exchange or refund is requested. Notification period is 14 days from the date of receipt of the product and objections related to notifications exceeding 14 days shall not be considered. The defective product claim is not valid unless it is accepted by us. However, the inspection period is 15 (fifteen) days and our statement regarding whether the product is defective or not will be sent to you after this period.

Exchange Conditions (If Applicable);


Since all products subject to sale of Kerry Borg brand are prepared in line with the wishes or personal needs and alliance with sizes and measurements of you, the Buyer is not entitled to exchange or return these products within this framework. We are sure that you will meet this situation with understanding along with the nature of the work. This way, you accept the terms in this policy irrevocably at the time of purchase.

Due to the special and made to measure production of the products, every online purchase requires the buyer to specify their size. Unless you have specified your dimensions specifically, your orders will be processed as accepted on the website, Whatsapp or other social media channels, produced and shipped according to the ordered dimensions. In this context, any return / exchange of the products sent due to the 'size incompatibility' is not accepted, both due to the dimensions you specified incorrectly and because you did not specify the size. For unspecified orders, they are produced and sent according to the size they have already been accepted and ordered on the web site. Refunds / exchanges of products shipped within this framework are not accepted due to ‘body incompatibility’.

Products that need to be replaced are only replaced if the dress is heavily damaged and when the notification is made in 14 days of the receipt. Renovations will be made in case of possible defects. If the defects can be simply eliminated, the product will be renewed. Defected products’ return for renovation shall only be accepted with its original packing and the original issued invoice. 


If you require an alteration, we are making this alteration upon your request. Please be notified that the alteration shall be made only one time and the transportation and other (custom taxes,VAT’ s and etc.) fees will be covered by you. However, modifications are made for products that are notified within four days from the first delivery and require a simple intervention without any fundamental changes. Products that do not meet these conditions cannot be modified. Kerry Borg reserves the right not to accept any requests for modifications without justification, except for defective or severely defective products.

Return Policy (If Applicable)


As you can understand we are producing the goods based on your sizes and measurements as a custom made. According to that there is no refund for products that have been modified, tailored in any way. 

Without the original invoice and product label, the return or exchange of a defective and severely defective product that cannot be corrected by modification is not accepted.

Returned products can be exchanged for the same product by us. In such a case, you can be sure that our company will perfectly compensate for this situation and ensure your satisfaction.

If you want to return the damaged product completely and get a refund instead of replacement or modification, and if this has been accepted by our company, the following procedures will be applied:

The refund will be reflected on your statement within the framework of the agreement you have made with the bank. For refunds that are not reflected in your statement, you can contact your bank with your provision code. We will not be liable for any delays caused by bank.

Shipping costs and all taxes for sales, returns, exchanges and all transactions are the responsibility of the buyer. Refunds are made only on the product price paid to our company.

Return Address Information (For Exchange or Alterations only) 

For more information about product cancellation and return transactions, contact our team.

Support: You can send an online message by selecting the related department from the Contact section or you receive information about your order by dialing our contact phone number and share your opinions and suggestions.

Return and exchange adress : Ankara Asfaltı No283 35050 evka3 mah. Bornova -İzmir / TURKEY

Whatsapp: 0545 53 53 779

Instagram: kerrycarolineborg

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