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Remember Nature with Sustainable Fashion

Remember Nature with Sustainable Fashion

Everything that is subject to the operation of natural laws is a part of nature. We can also define nature as the material world that represents the entire universe we live in. Everything in this material world is in a cause-effect relationship with each other. In other words, every step a living thing takes in nature has a cause and a result. Moreover, those causes and effects have effects in the lives of each of us as the law of nature. Do not doubt that a person you do not know, a geography you may never see, or tragedies that happen without even knowing it will have effects that will engulf us all, like the ripple of a stone thrown into a still water. That's why I emphasize in my articles that every living thing is responsible for the life of another. Our every action and discourse affects not only us, but also the whole nature and therefore our lives.

Promising Developments

For this reason, I care about the concept of sustainability in all areas of life. Acting with the awareness that natural resources are limited; to value all living life; not to harm the ecosystem while meeting the economic and social needs of the time we live in; to strive for the continuation of production and diversity... Sustainable fashion is a valuable perspective in this sense. We all know the relationship between fashion and agriculture, which is one of the sectors with the fastest production and consumption. All our clothes come from the soil, agriculture, forests. Nature-protecting design, production and marketing are vital. For this reason, it is promising that many fashion companies providing international services have signed commitments aimed at production in a way that will protect the nature. When we act in accordance with the fact that we are a part of nature, not its owner, our creative side is nourished, developed and produced, and naturally we all win.

Living Fashion

It is a matter of supply and demand to prefer slow, personalized, limited-edition designs instead of fast, serial, machine-oriented and similar production, to which the consumption culture drags us. Limited edition clothes are handcrafted with devotion. It rejects the speed and body imposition of shop windows that change every week. It aims to consume less. It also means breathable, durable fabrics, quality seams, quality paints. What we wear is also a sign of how we contribute to sustainable life with what we wear; because the concept of fashion is not just about the latest and the most popular. By transforming the old, we also keep the fashion alive.

Consumer Responsibility

It is also an important issue to stand by the people who work hard in every field of production and fight for their rights. Consumers as well as producers need to have some ethical values. The fact that all parties of sustainable life are at the same level of consciousness enables faster progress. Consumers also need to implement the principles of sustainable fashion and change their perspective on fashion on issues such as recycling, waste management and second-hand clothing use, repainting clothes with vegetable dyes.

With my deepest love and respect…

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